Investco Holding A.S. Cookie Policy

As Investco Holding A.S, cookies are used on our website ( in order to ensure that our guests visiting our website can benefit from our website safely and completely.

Today, almost every website uses cookies due to technological developments and legal regulations. Use of cookies is carried out in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 and the legislation we are subject to.

Our company's Cookie Policy has been prepared to inform our users who visit our website.

You can visit our website without giving any personal information. Some cookies are used to collect information about website usage during visits. Our purpose in using cookies is to provide convenience to the user visiting our website and to improve its operation.

Our Company's Use of Cookies

By visiting our website, you accept Investco Holding A.S. to place cookies required for the use of the website on your device.

If you do not want our company to place cookies on your device, you can refuse the use of cookies through your browser's settings or options. In this case, you may not be able to use some areas of our company's website properly.

Our company may stop using the cookies it uses, change their types or functions, or add new cookies to the website when deemed necessary. Our company can change this Cookie Policy at any time. If our Cookie Policy is changed, it will be effective from the date of update. You can read our Cookie Policy at any time. We recommend you to get information about the use of cookies.

For more detailed information about the processing of your personal data by our Company, you can read the "Clarification Text on Protection and Processing of Personal Data" within the framework of our privacy policy.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data storage files stored by websites on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or other mobile device through which you access. Cookies allow the website to work more efficiently, as well as providing personalized pages to provide a faster visit service that is more suitable for your personal needs. Cookies only contain information about your visit history in the internet environment and do not collect any information about the files stored on your computer or mobile device. Therefore, cookies are necessary and important for you to use our website effectively and easily. Cookies do not harm your electronic device.

Types of Cookies

There are two types of cookies, Permanent Cookies and Temporary Cookies, depending on their validity period. Temporary cookies are created when you visit the website and are valid until the browser is closed. Permanent cookies are created when the website is visited and remain until you delete them or expire.

Types of Cookies According to Use

* Compulsory Use Cookies:  These cookies are absolutely necessary for our website to function properly. These cookies are needed to manage the system and if blocked, the website will not be able to operate.

* Functional Cookies:  These cookies are used to give you a more advanced and easy usage experience. Like your preference for language, for example.  *Analysis / Performance Cookies:  These cookies enable us to analyze and understand the functioning of our website and to improve our website by interacting with you.

* Targeting / Advertising Cookies:  These cookies are used to detect and present content that may be of interest to you, including advertising content. 

The Main Purposes of Our Company in Using Cookies

Cookies are primarily used to fulfill the function of the website.

Cookies are used for;

- Identifying your demands and requests and problems,

- Meeting the need for some technical data in order to use our website more effectively,

- Concluding your searches quickly,

- Ensuring the security of your browsing on the website,

- In order for our company to fulfill its legal and contractual obligations, especially those stemming from the Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Publications Made on the Internet and the Fight Against Crimes Committed through These Publications and the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles of the Regulation of Internet Broadcasts, the need for your data,

- Improving our guests' visit experience and our website.

It may be processed in accordance with the above purposes within the scope of the exceptions specified in Articles 5 and 8 of the Law without your consent, and in accordance with your consent as per Articles 5 and 8 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No.6698 when deemed necessary. As Investco Holding, we may share your personal data within the scope of the Cookie Policy with our affiliates, partnerships, business partners and group companies limited to the realization of the above-mentioned purposes and in accordance with the legislation.

Collection of Cookies

Data is collected from the devices through which you access browsers. This information collected is specific to the device. Access to or deletion of information is possible at any time.

Blocking Cookies

It is possible to change your preferences regarding cookies by changing the settings of your browser. If you do not want to receive any cookies, you can change the settings of your browser to notify when the cookie is received, or you can refuse cookies altogether. It is also possible to delete cookies previously sent to you.

To clear cookies and your browser's cache, website settings must be deleted and all images reloaded. In the "Help" section of your browser, there is information about blocking and restriction of cookies.

You can also use the links below for this;

Google Chrome:

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It is not possible to delete cookies that are required for our website to function. We would also like to point out that if you delete some cookies, some functions of our website may not work.

For your rights, requests and all other questions and opinions, you can do so in writing or electronically using the following methods, after filling in the message in the contact section of our company at

In case of a written request;

You can submit an original signed copy of the Data Owner application petition to our company with a document identifying you personally or with a notarized power of attorney showing you are authorized to apply in relation with rights under Article 11, or you can send it to the address of the company  through a notary.

 In case of an electronic request;

You can submit the Data Owner application petition by signing it with an electronic or mobile signature that has the "secure electronic signature" certificate defined in the Electronic Signature Law No. 5070, and sending it to, our Company's Registered Electronic Mail (REM) address. Your application will be finalized as soon as possible and within 30 days at the latest.

Although it is essential not to charge any fee for the requests, our Company reserves the right to charge a fee based on the tariff determined by the PDP Board.

The Data Owner accepts that he/she may not be able to take full advantage of the operation of our website in the event that he / she makes a request that will result in the unavailability of any of his/her personal data by our Company, and therefore declares that any responsibility that may arise will be his/her own.