About Us

Established in 2011, Investco Holding has become one of the major investment enterprises in Turkey, through direct or indirect investments in a variety of different fields.

The investments made by Investco Holding include Verusa Holding, Pan Teknoloji and Investat Holding Limited (London-United Kingdom), and these investments are comprised of companies operating in renewable energy, mining, chemistry, iron-steel, technology-software, venture capital, food and healthcare industries.

Verusa Holding was founded in 2006 and its strategic investments focus on renewable energy, mining, chemistry, steel products, technology and software, venture capital, as well as food and health sectors. Investco Holding made its first investment in 2012 by taking over the 99.80 percent share of Verusa Holding. In November 2013, Verusa holding became a public offering and began trading in Borsa Istanbul (BIST). Along with Verusa Holding, shares of three subsidiaries are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Pan Teknoloji A.Ş. was established in 2021. Pan Technology operates in the field of technology investments and invests in companies operating in technology and software areas both domestically and abroad.

Rem GSYO started its activities in January 2022 as an elite venture capital investment trust affiliated with Investco Holding, one of the leading holdings in Turkey, subject to the CMB legislation, with 26 companies/affiliates operating in many different sectors, directly and indirectly. Rem GSYO, with its senior investment team and qualified personnel, set out to invest in future-oriented businesses with growth potential all over Turkey. Rem GSYO is a venture capital investment partnership which has established a leading investment company that firmly adopts new generation investment and business management practices and constantly monitors technology-oriented and innovative sectors.

Investat Holding Limited was established in London-England in 2019 as a holding company, to participate in non-resident companies in Turkey. 

Companies invested by Investco Holding operate throughout Turkey and market their products and projects in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North and South America.